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These poignant presentations by Harvy Simkovits about his memoir can be adapted for your audience. These presentations typically run from 45 to 90 minutes.


1. How Was I Blessed with
Such an Infamous Father and Inflicted Family?

What does it take to cast off parental binds, bonds, and burdens? Come close up and personal with an author’s story of becoming enmeshed in a family’s trauma and working to untangle a father’s turmoil. Can the search for the truth about what actually happened unburden the psyche?

Harvy shares 35-40 photos from his first and second volumes of Just Lassen to Me! He recounts both humorous and poignant stories about his father’s financial finagling and family’s traumatic past.


2. “Just Lassen to Me!” Book Reading, Discussion, and Signing

Meet the author. Hear Harvy talk about why he wrote his emotional and unsettling (some say “wild”) story. Hear him read poignant passages from his book. Ask him questions about the book and its making. Books will be available for purchase and signing.


3. Conversation with the Author of “Just Lassen to Me!”

If you have read some or all of Harvy’s tell-all tale, come meet Harvy and discuss his book, both the story and its creation. No piquant question will remain unanswered or muddy stone unturned.


4. The Conception and Gestation of “Just Lassen to Me!”

Hear about the birthing of Harvy’s debut book. He will cover why he wrote his book and how he wrote it. Learn why it took him twelve years to craft his complex story of growing up with his businessman father’s financial finagling and his immigrant family’s success and misfortune.


5. Penning Your Unique Story:

The Power of Personal Research and Poignant Writing

We all have unique stories that come out of our lives. There is much that can be learned from our experiences, both for oneself and others. In this presentation, Harvy will share how his finagling father and tumultuous family became the impetus of his riveting, bestselling memoir, Just Lassen to Me! Learn how you too can get motivated to write your own stories of fate and redemption.